A celebration of meat

What is meatmass?
Originally started by my grandfather as simply a day to enjoy a good cut of meat, the tradition grew in my family and spread to my friends. It's an excuse to eat a nice steak and enjoy those close to you for the short time we are here.

When is meatmass?
Meatmass is celebrated over seven consecutive Fridays during the end of winter and beginning of spring. The final friday, Meatmass Day, is the biggest day of celebration. It always falls on the same weekend as easter.

So when is Meatmass this year?
Meatmass begins on Friday, March 3rd. Meatmass Day is Friday, April 14, 2017.

Is this some kind of religious holiday?
No. Meatmass is celebrated by people of all religions and backgrounds.

What type of meats are celebrated on meatmass?
The traditional meats are beef, pork and lamb, but you can celebrate with any meat as long as it's not fish. It doesn't have to be a steak, either. Burgers and meatloaf are just fine.

How do I celebrate meatmass?
Invite your closest friends to the local meatery or cook together at home. It's a special occasion to splurge on an expensive cut of meat you wouldn't normally buy.

Are there any meatmass traditions?
Each year, we were sure to hear a sermon from my grandfather about fishermen and daylight savings time. It went something like this... once people start doing something, it's very hard to break them of the habit. Be it changing the clocks to conserve coal during war time or eating fish on Friday's during lent. He also was convinced that fishermen had lobbied the Catholic church centuries ago with bribes to help boost a slumping fish industry.

I don't have any friends who enjoy steak as much as me. Can I celebrate alone?
Yes! Meatmass is a celebration of meat. While it's nice to share that meat with others, you can certainly use it as an excuse to cook up some amazing beef by yourself.

I'm vegan/vegetarian, can I celebrate meatmass?
Absolutely. There's nothing wrong with eating meat on meatmass, even if you are vegan.

No, I mean: is there a guilt free, vegetarian version of meatmass?
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